I’m not one to really contemplate my age very often. Often I don’t even remember how old I am.  I don’t think of what I do as something that someone my age should do or something that is for young kids or older. For the most part I am who I am for better or worse no matter what.

There does come a time, not attached to any specific point in your life, where you realize that your past may well be longer than your future.  40phyve did that for me.  It’s really an ego buster.

To repel that feeling I have decided that the next 40phyve can be just as substantial as the first 40phyve. I don’t have the feeling that I left anything on the shelf during the first 40phyve and I intend to be all in for the next session.


One thought on “40phyve

  1. I often think we pay too much attention to the past and future. When the present becomes foremost in our minds, the length (and worries) of the past and future become less important, and the joys around us come to the foreground. “Being all in” celebrates the present… and that’s a good thing.


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