I guess its becoming a tradition to have a birthday post. This blog was born on 9/11/2011, the day before my 44th birthday. This the name. I kept the name the same even though the years are adding up.

This year was not the best year of the blog. I had 46 posts. That’s less than one a week and they really started fading away when I returned to graduate school in January. 

I did reach 56 countries this year which isn’t bad since my all time reach is 70 countries.

My top posts of the year were Sometimes it Takes a Vacuum, The Low Hanging Fruit of Education, and A Principal’s Take On Tragedy. As you can see, the blog has taken a turn towards education. Controversial sometimes, cathartic sometimes, but always me being me.

I still like to write and hope to get back to at least a weekly average this year.

Wish me a Happy 40psyx.


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