The Goals – Finally!

1. Blog – Hey, that’s what I’m doing now!
2. Write more – I always was a pretty decent writer and at one time thought of it as a vocation. I’ve gotten away from it in the last several years and really feel like I have something to share. See no.1 above! I tentatively have decided that Friday will be poetry day.
3. Take more pictures – I had a daily photblog where I posted a picture a day for 500 consecutive days. I have all but abandoned that. I know that my photography improved immensely in those 500 days and can tell that I am losing my touch recently.
4. Compete – I am a runner. Not a great runner but more of a midpack kind of guy. I intend to compete more this year. Last birthday year(like fiscal year only from 9/12 to 9/11) I ran four races. This year I want to run at least 8 and do at least one “big” race. A half, an obstacle course or a tri.
5. Kind of hand in hand with no. 5. I need to get back in shape. Take off that 10 pounds – again – and get back to 9+ mile long runs.
6. Complete some 30 day challenges. I’m looking to followers to help me out here. Suggest some challenges in the comment section and I will let you know if I accept the challenge.