When you think of that word – Brave – I bet you think of Superman or soldiers at war or jumping off cliffs.  I know that’s where my mind goes instantly.  People doing great things, saving lives or possibly living dangerously.  Fireman rescuing children from burning buildings or doctors who go into third world countries to fight disease.  Undoubtedly all very brave souls.

Allow me to offer this definition as well.  Bravery is what it takes to make the decision.  A brave person doesn’t refer your concern to his superior.  He doesn’t kick it upstairs.  Possibly he has no one to kick it to.  All of us need to be brave on different levels.  There are decisions that only we can make for ourselves.  The toughest probably being to step out of the status quo.  To challenge ourselves and others to be different; better.  We have this power and the only thing stopping us is fear.  Probably the biggest fear besides dentists and public speaking is the fear of making a decision.  Because if we make a decision we have left ourselves exposed.  We have to step out of our little square and risk being run over.  It is much easier to not take responsibilty.  The brave one takes responsibility.  If we continually defer questions to others and fail to answer questions that we are capable of tackling, we not only fail ourselves; we fail others.  We allow ourselves to be less than we are.  We allow others to drive our bus.  And our worlds will never change.  More importantly THE world will never changes. 

What this world needs is more bravery.


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