Get to the Cool Stuff

I’ve been reading Niall Doherty’s blog for a couple of years. If you give it a once over you may discover why. I think he may be the guy that I want to be. Today, he really spoke to me with his entry on advice to his teenage self.

As regular readers are aware, I recently started back to graduate school. Over the past couple of weeks I have struggled back and forth about whether that was a good choice. Choice here is important. I have to make choices. Those choices aren’t always what I want to do but hat I need to do. I need to do them because the choice I made was to go to graduate school.

In my heart I don’t think I want to continue to advance in the education system.

Doherty talks about doing the “cool stuff.” That’s what I want to do. Life is short. I think I can make an impact on this world without more education. I think this world will make less of an impact on me with less education.

Writing and advocating and building the future s what I want to do. Believe it or not I think I can do that without any more letters after my name.


2 thoughts on “Get to the Cool Stuff

  1. To the last sentence: I do believe it. Reading your blog I’ve been kinda wondering why you’re going for the superintendent thing, but I couldn’t come up with a way to ask that didn’t feel rude.
    I’ll be excited to read along as you get to the cool stuff! I love non-linear models of success.


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