Runners Run, That’s What We Do: #RunforBoston

In the summer of 1999 I had the terrible experience of watching a woman fall to her death in a climbing accident. The woman was completing an activity that she and I had completed many times before. She had made a fatal mistake.

On that day I remember wishing that I had brought my running shoes to the ropes course. I just needed to get away from the people and clear my mind with a nice long run. Many runners have had that same experience. Unfortunately I didn’t run.

Throughout the next several months I didn’t run at all. Being out on the roads alone scared the hell out of me. I would contemplate running but the fear would overwhelm me. Eventually it became easier not to run. Now I realize that I probably was suffering from PTSD. Other things started to fall apart in my life too and it became a pretty dark period in my life.

Eventually I came back to running because I knew I needed it to survive. To be the person that I wanted to be, I needed to be healthier and have a clear mind. So I ran.

Several years ago the brother-in-law and close friend of one of my running buddies and good friend was killed in a tragic car accident. At first I kind of avoided him because I didn’t know what to do. Finally we talked and I asked him what he needed. His response was that he wanted to get together for a morning run. He and I and another of the running group met at the usual start spot. When we all arrived, we hugged, we cried and we ran.

My point is that the tragedy of the Boston Marathon has the probability of changing all of us especially those who participated in the marathon. Those who lost loved ones, those who lost limbs, and those who narrowly missed being victims.

That is why we #RunforBoston. We run for those who can’t, for those who are scared, and for ourselves. To clear our minds and to remember.


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