Not my normal scope but felt the need to briefly post.

Dan Savage had a one on one interview with Chris Hayes this morning on Up. Great interview about being gay in today’s society and the war to end marriage inequality. If you still have stereotypical thoughts about gay people this is an eye opener. One of the most interesting things that Mr. Savage said, and the impetus for this post, was that the more children that a couple had, the more likely they were to have a child who is LGBT.

Of course people who believe that being gay is a choice, would find that statement to be a fallacy. I personally don’t believe it’s a choice.

I found it especially interesting because some religions encourage couples to have many children. Whether through their words or their tenets. Many of those same religions also don’t believe overtly that LGBT people are entitled to the equality of heterosexual couples. How doubly unfortunate for a LGBT child to be born into a society that discriminates against them and a family that will find it difficult to accept them.

I can’t imagine why anyone would make that choice.


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