About a Full Mind

I’m trying to create a space.  A space for you.  A space where I can write.  The brain is full of schedules, reports, times to be here and times to be there.  Full of things to think about that hurt my brain.  Things that challenge my powers of leadership and my powers of reason.  When the brain is full, cluttered I guess, I can’t even think about what to write about.  Today there is a little space somewhere between all the things that need done or started by the end of the school year, my struggles with the Catholic Church and religion in general, and managing the social, athletic and academic lives of two teenagers.  Here’s what came out of that small space:

The Mind needs to be emptied on occasion or at least a better storage system needs to be implemented.  Completing things is how I have become successful and how I measure success.  The ambiguity of leadership is that some things never end.  You have to find joy in the struggle and check off things mentally.

The local track coach teaches things he has never done himself but he has found a way to break every event down into its smallest component.  Instead of saying, “Go out and see what you can do on the pole vault.”  He has broken that huge accomplishment into at least eight different components. Master each one and put them all together and with a little luck and a lot of athleticism you can jump over a bar with nothing but a ton of guts and a long pole.

This is how that relates to this.  Instead of leaving whole parts of issues just lying there in your brain, try to knock them down a little at a time and put them away.  Own the parts and you’ll own the whole. I’ve started making lists and instead of listing big problems to solve I break them down into the smallest parts and crack one case at a time.  One little part of the whole can bring some joy. Eventually they will become the whole.

Then file them away out of the parts of your brain that your muse needs to guide you.

It won’t take muscle or a pole but a little bit of guts and some passion.


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