Money is Time

The new movie Time has a pretty interesting concept.  I haven’t seen the movie so I’m making some assumptions from what I can glean from the trailer.  Anyway, it sounds like you spend minutes for whatever you want to buy.  Minutes off of your life.  “8 minutes for a cup of coffee!”  But apparently if you are rich you can somehow buy more minutes.

This brings up some interesting thoughts. For example, if everything that we did and everything we bought cost us minutes, would we choose more wisely?  Would we treat our time more like a commodity? Would I be sitting here watching a movie I’ve seen 4 times?  Maybe we would all be better off if we thought this way.  How many people would buy a snuggie for 30 minutes of our life or better yet a gun for 96 hours?  How many of us would sit around and spend 30 minutes watching Jersey Shore if it cost the same as a case of beer?  I think decisions would be a lot harder to make. That is until our minutes became as meaningless to us as our money has.

Consider this:  How much more upset would we be if we were paying 350 minutes for a gallon of gas and ExxonMobil was earning billions of minutes every quarter – virtually ensuring themselves near eternal life?  How many more people would be Occupying Wall Street if our government bailed out the banks to the tune of a couple thousand years – the very banks who manipulated our minutes to their own benefit?

Hope this post was worth the Starbucks Mochachino that it cost you to read it!


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